System and Server Status Notices

OS type and version Ubuntu 22
Webmin version 2.105

Am playing around with System and Server Status tool which already felt in love with. After lots of tests I might found 2 bugs…

  1. The “Check on schedule option: Yes but never report” keeps sending emails

  1. If you enter a webhook url without a query param your perl script doesn’t handle it correctly for me:
    Here is an example with a url like this

And here is an example i tried to workaround the problem which weirdly works

Check how the “?” and “&” handles the url

Kind reminder

@Jamie, do you know why emails are still sent even though Yes, but never report is option set? Also, there is some oddness happens with string urlization.

There’s also an option one each monitor that controls if notifications are sent for it.

@Jamie, I think this is exactly what user reported that wasn’t working.

Oh so that option in the screenshot only applies to a single monitor. Could the emails have been coming from a different monitor that’s failing?