Syntax to insert PTR record in the virtual server

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 22.04.2
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.7
Apache version 2.4.52
Authentic theme version 20.21
Package updates [All installed packages are up to date]

You are very precious with words. I’m not Sherlock Holmes to intuit what your needs are. In the future, seek to develop better in order to receive help.

Do you want to know more about syntax? If I do a Google search for PTR syntax record I get 615,000 results. In this forum there are many people who do not make an effort to look for information on their own.

PTR are not handled by virtualmiin, contact the provider of the IP. I use the vultr and they allow editing of the PTR.

Webmin (and thus Virtualmin) could automatically manager PTR records, but only if they’ve been delegated to the Virtualmin system and its secondary DNS server. (If you create or change a record in the Webmin BIND module, you’ll see an option to “Update reverse?”, but, again, only matters if it has been delegated to your servers and you’ve setup a reverse zone. Otherwise this option does nothing.)

That’s pretty unusual; doesn’t happen without some interaction with the network block owner (which may or may not be the hosting provider, but probably is).

Most people, however, rely on their hosting provider for the PTR record(s), and that’s fine, as long as a PTR exists and it resolves back to the IP of the system.

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