SymLinksIfOwnerMatch Allow Change to FollowSymLinks

Ubuntu Linux 20.04.4
Virtualmin version 7.2-1

Hello all,
I am working on an install of OS Ticket and with the new changes at Microsoft for SMTP and IMAP access they are requiring OAuth2 for authentication. The good folks over at OS Ticket have built a plugin that works for authenticating email over OAuth and when configuring it one of the actions it takes is to call back with a url. That URL relies on a .htaccess file per their design and allows the api rewrites to take place. The problem I am running in to though is that the rewrites are taking place from Microsoft so the virtualmin apache server throws a 500 error when that return URL comes back. Here is the line from the apache error log (slightly redacted):

[core:alert] [pid 71112:tid 139844480587520] [client redacted:22951] /home/username/public_html/api/.htaccess: AllowOverride not allowed here, referer:

I reached out to their support and they indicate that this rewrite is required for their plugin to work. I then went in to the Services → Configure SSL Website to change the SymLinksIfOwnerMatch to FollowSymLinks to allow the request to come from but I am still getting the same error as above and am not sure what else to do with that.

I am trying to figure out how to get this working so the rewrites work according to their requirements to get this plugin working. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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