Switch Virtualmin to use mpm-worker


Is it possible to switch Virtualmin to use mpm-worker instead of prefork?


Yes, it is possible. I do this by manually configuring Apache, since Virtualmin does not offer a way to do this via the GUI, AFAIK.

Once mpm-worker is configured, it will be applied to those virtual servers which use php-fpm.

Yes, it’s configurable in Apache module.

Note: Those mpm_ modes are mutually exclusive.

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Thank you for the info, but when I uncheck prefork, check worker, hit “Enable selected modules”, and then go back to the modules page to see if the change was applied, the prefork is still checked and the worker is unchecked. It looks it’s not applying the change. Do you know any workaround or why is this happening?

Hi calport, could you please provide me more details on how to configure this on Apache?

Thank you!

It should work. It worked for me. I would make sure that only one MPM selected at a time. Upcoming release will not let you select more than one MPM at a time.

Workaround is simple:

a2dismod mpm_prefork
a2enmod mpm_worker
systemctl force-reload apache2
apachectl -V | grep -i mpm

Thank you for your reply. It looks the problem is php7.2. I had to disable php 7.2 to make it work from the Virtualmin. Can’t have mpm_worker with php7.2 ??

Centos 7 apache mpm worker worked with PHP 7.2
Ubuntu 16 LTS apache mpm worker worked with PHP 7.2

Configuration issue.

PHP 7.2 isn’t a problem. Any of the three MPMs will work but only one at a time. The other two must be disabled.

What is the output of the command Ilia suggested above? (You can use Webmin/Others/Command Shell without logging in with ssh.)

apachectl -V | grep -i 'version\|mpm'

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