Swap Parent and Slave

I set up a domain.net account then added domain.com as an alias. Mail and everything is .net but I’d rather swap it to be .com as the parent and .net as the alias. All accounts need to stay the same, just so that the emails etc all say domain.COM rather than domain.NET. This is all on CentOS 6.

How? Unsure how to approach it.


There isn’t a “swap” option of any sort, but one way to do that would be to convert the Sub-Server to a parent, and then move the existing parent to be a Sub-Server.

The catch there is that you’d end up with a different administrator account name, and you mentioned needing the account names to stay the same.

Are you just looking to change the “From” address being used by these accounts though? If that’s all you need to change, that’s actually just a setting that can be tweaked in the email client.

If it’s the account name itself you want to change – if the account name is user@domain.net, that won’t actually change… once the account is created, unfortunately there isn’t a way to rename it.

So does any of that sound like what you’re after?


The domain name itself, for example “widget”, won’t change. I need the parent to go from widgets.net to widgets.com. The user email addresses should be working fine with with either user@widget.net (parent) or the alias user@widget.com at this time, it’s just that the default will change from .net to .com.

The administrator account name can change as I or a friend will continue to be the root user so, that is not a concern. It’s just an issue of losing any existing users email. There are about 12 or so accounts. That I want to avoid.

It sounds as if it is in part. Is there a way to change the existing accounts from .net to .com after the swapping via child to parent and then parent to child? I understand it may not be possible under VM but via the text file? The users are listed as user1.widget and user2.widget so that would not change since they are all the same domain just not the same tld.

Can you explain why exactly you’d need to swap the .net and .com domain names? Maybe then we can come up with an easier solution. Swapping servers around can be bit of a hassle with Virtualmin, at least if you need to keep users and stuff.

Depending on above question, another option might be to rename the domains instead of moving them. Aliases have (except you made an “alias with own accounts” one) shared email addresses and webspace anyway, so your users are reachable under both domains.

I was asked to make the .com be the primary. I know in the end it’s based on the email settings but if I recall correctly but doesn’t the header of the email say .net while the actual email may say .com? I think that is the user’s concern.

Like Eric said, if you mean the “From” address that the recipient will see in the email, that’s completely up to the sender user. They can enter anything they want in the “From” line, as long as they use the proper credentials to authenticate. I.e. even if the username is “user@domain.net”, they can still enter “user@domain.com” in their email software as sender address.

very simple

if both the domains point to the same contents then just remove the alias domain (.com), then change the main domain to the right one (.com), then add back the (.net) as a alias domain