SVN repository setup ?

Hi, I’ve set up an SVN repository but having access problems. I’m using TortoiseSVN on windows XP. but when I try and access and enter a username and password I see in the error log :

user ticket not found: /svn/ticket
user ticket.fife not found: /svn/ticket

(I tried both types of username)
If I allow anonymous access I can see the (empty) folder from TortoiseSVN repo-browser

any help gratefully accepted, thanks in advance.

I set up as follows:

Operating system CentOS Linux 5
Webmin version 1.380
Virtualmin version 3.50 (Pro)

Virtualmin Subversion Repositories,
I have created a repository.

in VIRTUALMIN, Edit Mail and FTP Users, I have created a user:
Email only,
DAV login not enabled,
SVN login enabled
allow access to the repositories

I also see the follwoing files, which indicate that things have been set up:

name = rw

/home/domain/etc/svn.basic.password appears to have username/passwords which look fine.

anybody any idea ?

should I uninstall and try installing it manually ? is it a webmin/virtualmin issue. I’m not sure where to start looking now, as things do appear to be normal.

again, thanks in advance for any pointers.

ok, seems like I got it working.
deleted everything and started again. I imported one file to the repository and its now there.
not sure why or how, but great.