SVN Permissions / Edit FTP user

I use virtualmin frequently to maintain multiple SVN repositories under a single virtualmin user account.

After creating a new repository, I need to go to FTP users to give the desired users access to it.

There are some things bugging me in the process:

  • The multi select input field is way to small
  • Repo names aren’t sorted
  • I’m missing an option to grant privileges directly when creating a new repo

Thanks for considering this and props for the great control panel you maintain!

This sounds like a job for: a "Request" ticket! :wink:

I agree with you on all points except the last one…I don’t like adding more fields to user and domain creation forms…the darned things are already complicated enough!

Anyway, the bug tracker has a task type called “Feature Request”. That’d be the right way to get these changes made. Any clearly defined, small and obvious, improvement to Virtualmin can go into the tracker–the Blue Skies forum is for discussing the big “vision statement” kind of things…stuff that takes weeks, months, or years, to implement, and we don’t even know exactly how to implement it or what it will look like when it’s done. We definitely know how to implement bigger input boxes and sorted lists. :wink:

Hehe thanks Joe, I’ll create a ticket for this.
Btw, the form I’m referring to in my last point is virtualmin-svn/index.cgi