SVN Issue

I have an issue adding users to subversion repositories created trough Virtualmin. I can checkout from the repository with users from my vhost that have been added to the repository, however, when I add a user manually by using htpasswd to add it trough commandline to the svn password file or when i add it trough the access controls of the directory in virtualmin, the checkout fails for that user. I also added the user to the svn-access.conf file, so that can’t be the problem…

This is the error when checking out:
Error: Server sent unexpected return value (403 Forbidden) in response to OPTIONS

Do you see any errors in that Virtual Server’s error_log file?

Also, the users go into the ~/etc/svn.basic.passwd file. If you have your user added into that, what command line did you use to add it? Secondly, what does your svn-access.conf file look like>


In the error log:
Access denied: ‘myuser’ OPTIONS svnfolder:/

htpasswd /home/vhost/etc/svn.basic.passwd myuser

[svnfolder:/]myuser = rw

It’s possible there’s multiple syntax’s that work here, but what I’ve used in the svn-access.conf in the past is more along the lines of:

[/] myuser = rw

Does it help to use something like the above?


Though yes, changing the the svn-access.conf file to this does make the checkout work, but the user accounts seem to be completely ignored… I changed the password of the user and the checkout still works fine…

My apologies, the modification does work, but it seems to me that this makes the accounts none-specific to the different repositories…

Well, you should be able to restrict who can see what by including the repository in the access file.

For example, if you have repositories named “foo” and “bar”, you should be able to setup access like this:

[/foo] user1 = rw

user2 = rw


  • = r

The above would grant read/write to certain repositories for user1 and user2, and allow read access to everyone else.