svn access not working on fresh install

I have svn working fine on VirtualMin on Ubuntu 10.04 but decided I’d like to migrate to CentOS 5.5.

I have svn repositories set up and users assigned, and everything looks OK to me, but if I try to access them via http://{my virtual server}/svn/{repo} I get
user {user}: authentication failure for “/svn/{repo}”: Password Mismatch

I’ve double-checked passwords etc. Not sure how to diagnose this?

I’m new to CentOS, svn and VirtualMin which doesn’t help…

Not sure why this was necessary, but changing the user passwords fixed the problem (ie I changed to a new password, and that worked, then I changed back to the old password, and that then worked).

Just wanted to say that this had me scratching my head as well, but this fix (changing password) worked.
It should really be fixed because that is weird.