Support Overhaul Suggestion

When I wanted to buy a Virtualmin license, unfortunately, your shop system decided to not send the initial registration mail. At the time my mail client was properly configured, I suppose it had to do with the e-mail address itself which fell off the grid because of your product name or URL in it: (I use dedicated mail aliases for every service I register with).

Why am I writing this? You may want to reconsider the process when one has to get in touch: The only e-mail on your contact page is Joe’s (that I sent an e-mail to but never received a response). To submit a ticket or use the forum, one has to create an account. If they only sport one e-mail address, they get locked out and may be lost as a potential customer.

Not criticism, just a nudge to think about an improvement.


Thank you for your suggestion! This measure is a way to fight spam. It’s expected that the user has an active and functioning email address.

Couldn’t you use the Forget Password link to have the email resent after your email was set up?

You and I had this conversation already… :wink: The e-mail I registered with never got activated on your side, so it won’t trigger an e-mail with a password reset eventually.

Maybe this is the same issue.

I could not sign up to virtualmin because there is an issue with the SPF record.

I had to setup a temporary server without SPF validation and then temporarily point my email to it to allow me to register. It has been a while, but the SPF record for is still broken.

If I remember right, the forum/website send the intial registration email from this domain.

see SPF Checker - SPF Lookup

Our SPF records are valid. I still don’t understand what you’re seeing or how you’re getting errors.

Using the same tool you were using to test I see all green for both and (and that’s how it was at the end of that conversation on github):

I just tried a password reset on the main site.

This is the fail notification.

You can only send emails from the mailgun transaction service, but these IPs/Domains do not seem to be in the mailgun SPF list.

This SPF record is faulty, but not all servers might will see it like this.

Run this link below

  • The SPF record syntax is broken. This is because the ‘’ cannot be resolved (IPv4)
  • not all checkers will pick this up
  • this single error can cause the SPF to be found to be invalid and cause email server to class all email from that server to be spam. this is different to there being no SPF record.

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