Support for IPv6

I noticed in my quick scan through last night that your newer versions have been supporting ipv6.

You can point me to the correct doc’s if this has been answered somewhere…

Is the ipv6 support more along the lines of Plesk where if you have a pool of ipv6 addresses on your server - you can easily pick one to choose from for a domain/website or a domain/mail only?

Or is more like cPanel (grrr eye twitching again) where they allow you to assign an ipv6 address to a domain/website or domain mail only but still force you to associate an IPv4 to it totally (and illogically I might add) doing away with the purpose of IPv6!!!

Considering how efficient and customer centric everything else webmin and virtualmin seems to be I’ll assume (and hope) it’s more along the lines of the convenience plesk but with the better configuration and GUI of Virtual/Web min?

After 4 frustrating and fruitless weeks of learning curve on Plesk then WHM/cPanel - I’m actually enjoying diving in to some coffee and tutorial guides.

I’m just glad I accidentally happened across someone mentioning Webmin on Google and decided to go see what it was last night.

Thanks guys. I like the GUI lay out of the newest filemanager it looks really great from what I saw in the video. By the way are there any video tutorials? I’m more of an audio/kinetic visual processor than reading kind of guy. Whomever did the video for the new file manager did a great job, I’d like to see more tutorial videos like that if possible.

hi, some videos are here: - those are official from joe.

I made some videos as well but, did not had time to publish all of them on youtube.

To answer to your main question - you dont need to dedicate or even have IPv4 for VM to function, so what IP you will dedicate to each domain its up to you.

Thank you unborn - appreciate the headsup!

Diabolico thank you for the heads up I appreciate it.

I like your quote… Sometimes I feel like my brain has too many tabs open and some stick and cause a crash from time to time :slight_smile:
As Curly used to say… “I’m trying to think but nothing’s happenin”