Support 1 day only...

I don’t know what happend with Joe, i bought virtualmin pro, but only for one day his support me, after that, he never reply even one for my email when i ask him… So support is 1 day only. If i know like this, i nver buy virtualmin pro… I buy virtualmin pro cause support from virtualmin… So if anybody want buy virtualmin must consider first… Cause support only for 1 day…

Howdy Hardi,

I’m sorry you’ve had trouble getting a reply–supporting folks via email is a challenge. I don’t see any tickets in the support tracker from you, but if you’d like to file an issue we’ll certainly take care of you (I’ll try to find your messages in my mailbox and get them answered, as well).

We are always happy to issue a full refund if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the product, including support.

I know I haven’t done a very good job of explaining the support process, and how best to get answers to your queries. Email, unfortunately, is the worst possible way to get fast answers. I’d like to find a good email based ticketing system, but all of the ones I’ve tried have been quite terrible and none integrate with any issue tracker that will work well on our website. By the end of the Early Adopter beta period we will have a more clear path to getting support quickly.

I have added a new Support link in the menu, which provides a link to the docs and forums for searching, and a link to the bugs and issues tracker if a search reveals no good answers. I’m also building a Google Custom search as we speak, so the crappy search tools provided by our forum and wiki won’t stand between you and good results. I’m just awaiting a response to a support query to Google (the irony!) in order to get the business version enabled so there are no ads and we can integrate the results into our site cleanly.

I may add that the ticket/support site is working really well and most of the time my tickets are answered to in a few hours or less, even during weekends.

email is never ever a good choice anywhere as they tend to get full, oversaturated, mixed, lost and all the other worst things. There might be 1000’s of users sending emails :confused: and drowning the recipient

I think it would be a good idea to add a button in Virtualmin Pro for the license holder to see. Like a small support menu where one can then submit a support ticket (where the system is shown in a frame or so).

Lots of control panels work this way as it is efficient (might also generate more tickets for jamie and joe though)