Suhosin Limit

One of my script is showing errors since the limit for suhosin is too low. Where in webmin or virtualmin could I edit this?

Suhosin Enabled
The minimum recommended value for the configuration option ‘’ is 4096, however your value is 1000. Your host will need to change this in the php.ini file.


The php.ini files for your Virtual Server is located in $HOME/etc/php.ini… you could log in over SSH or FTP, and edit that file directly.

Also, from within Virtualmin, take a look at Services -> PHP 5 Configuration. I can’t recall if that’s a Pro-only feature, but it’s worth looking :slight_smile:


There is no PHP.ini file there :frowning:

Okay, so that is a Pro-only feature.

You can indeed make changes to the php.ini file, you’ll just have to edit the file manually, using something like a FTP or SSH client.