Suggestion - Unify backup interface

Maybe is a good idea to make the same template for backup page, and use that template in different modules.
The following backup sections/ pages have the same goal - to backup that module, but they look different and have different look (and logic):

  • [Webmin] > [Backup Configuration Files] modules and settings backup
  • [Webmin] > [Servers] > [MariaDB Database Server] (DB means “database” - it should be “MariaDB Server” or just “MariaDB”) > - Backup Databases (bottom button for backup in the module)
  • [Webmin] > [System] > [Filesystem Backup]
  • [Virtualmin] > [Backup and Restore] - entire secction

If is a silly suggestion, please close.

Thank you for a good product, I’m grateful for it.

And finally I know how hard is to make a website (or better said I don’t know but I presume), but I’d be careful to use Bootstrap on long term, you never know the changes to it in the future. Also sorry if is a stupid concern of mine.

Thank you.

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I wouldn’t entirely agree that all those mentioned modules have the same purpose.

You’re right, an archive with a database, a module, a file is different because the content of the archive is different, and usually you make the archive at different time, so the UI must be different to provide a UIX to the user different.

I admit that when I use an OS for example “Save us” is different based on folder location and time of the day.

Sorry for posting, you can close the topic.

I think you’re thinking of Webmin and Virtualmin as the same thing. And, it’s understandable, if you came to Webmin by installing Virtualmin.

But, not everyone who uses Webmin uses Virtualmin…and the Virtualmin module backs up everything needed to restore a Virtualmin domain onto a new similar Virtualmin system. By that I mean, to backup a Virtualmin domain with its databases, users, and files, you don’t need any of those Webmin modules. But, if you only use Webmin, you probably want those exact tools for specifically backing up specific things.

Though, regular system backups for Virtualmin server owners is probably a reasonable thing to do, if you’re not hosting with a provider that backs up your server regularly. You could do that with the Webmin filesystem backup or some other tool. Config file backups are very convenient to have if you don’t use etckeeper and often make mistakes in configuration files that you don’t know how to fix.

But, I don’t know how to reasonably consolidate any of these things, as they’re not really related except in the sense that they back up some kind of data in some way.


I came on virtualmin from webmin

I know, maybe, that they are different

I stupidly suggested that all 4 backups have the same template as user interface because all have the same fields, even if they use other functions in backend

Of course is better to have messy not unified interface, this i admit my suggestion was stupid.

Anyway my interest in this ended, close the suggestion or delete it. I lack interest to argue or be sarcastic.

Thank you for a good product that I enjoyed.

mie., 6 sept. 2023, 9:12 p.m. Joe via Virtualmin Community <> a scris:

3/4 sections are the same (filename/ where to save; schedule; filetype, archive, actions before and after)
1/4 section is different in each backup (what to backup with particular settings)

I suppose is better to maintain more sections than less

mie., 6 sept. 2023, 10:18 p.m. Bozesan Vlad <> a scris:

Some other good guidelines for module user interfaces are:

  • Try to follow the layout of core modules. For example, your module’s main page index.cgi might display a table of objects, each of which contains a link to edit.cgi. This page in turn shows a form for editing or creating a user and submits to a script called save.cgi to update the underlying config files.

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