Suggestion: option to re-try after a failed backup upload to a remote location

Hi, a suggestion/proposition I’ve had on my mind for a while.

Context: I have my virtual domain backups saved locally but also uploaded to an FTP location. Twice a week, the backups are done. Regarding that FTP location, its available disk space is limited, and there will be times I screwed up with the “delete old saves” setting with a too high value, and a backup’s FTP upload will have failed for lack of enough available remote space. When that happens, I just shrug and connect by FTP to delete the older saves, and then I run a manual backup with the same parameters of the scheduled backups.

I think it would be simpler, when the backup procedure returned a failure to upload to the distant location (virtualmin does recognize it, it sends me a mail when it happens), to add somewhere in the backups management, perhaps in the backup logs, an additional button “try again the thing that failed”. If everything save the FTP upload failed, then this will NOT trigger a new archive creation, it will simply fetch the archive it created for that job, and try again to upload it by FTP.

How about it?
(It’s the amazing comfort of not being a developer, you can propose things without knowing if they are feasible :wink: )

Have a nice day!

Just love it :slight_smile:
You sound like my old boss

or have any idea of the amount of time and resources it takes


Sounds good though no idea how many folk use that process to FTP to such a limited/restricted end-point? For my lack of knowledge, I tend to use the back up local and then have setup a separate process/OP to capture and transfer to a different “volume”. Also have auto-backups by VPS box provider (DO)

Yep, I was fully candid about it. I am not capable of finding the info on if it would be a nightmare or a breeze to implement, and if it would help a great or minuscule number of users. All I know here is my own point of view, I would find it quite useful to me. So I went and made the proposition, who knows what happens next :slight_smile:

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