Suggestion Install Script/App Redmine (project management) in Virtualmin

Hello everyone, I looked at the Installable Applications list Installable Applications – Virtualmin and I was very happy to see support for Opencart, which I consider the best E-commerce system in the world and I work more than 10 years with him at Codemarket.

However, I missed a ready-made script for installing Redmine, so I would like to leave it as a suggestion.

It is a project and task manager written in Ruby and has existed for decades, it is probably the best system for projects, I intend to use it for development, tasks, Git repository and other uses, we can say that it competes with Jira, but it is very lighter, faster, Opensource and very simple to use.

As Virtualmin supports Ruby, I thought it would be interesting to have a script for it and could help more people use it and Virtualmin.

The cool thing is that the latest version 5.1.1 (2023-11-27) is well maintained and they are already focusing on the new 5.1 and 6 with a very interesting public roadmap: Roadmap - Redmine

Here is the installation guide:

There is also a Docker image maintained by Bitnami Redmine Cloud Hosting, Redmine Installer, Docker Container and VM

Summarizing the requirements:
Ruby 3.2, Rails 6.1 and for PostgreSQL or MySQL database

Taking advantage of this topic, do you know if Virtualmin intends to have a Module for Docker/Podman in the future so we can have a small GUI for it, so we can use Docker for more complex projects to maintain and handle the basics through Virtualmin itself.


To answer your docker/podman question: Full compatible distro for Cloudmin? - #8 by Joe

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Thanks about the Docker/Podman issue, I’m happy to know that you’re working on a UI for it, this should help a lot with the greater adoption of Virtualmin Pro, I was previously thinking about Portainer, but I think it’s much better to centralize everything in Virtualmin.

I must then adopt the Container to configure Redmine, removing only the database from the configuration that I will use and what Virtulamin uses on the Host, I liked this use case proxy-to-install-scripts/110998 and I saw that you also use the Ruby Forum with a container in production.

Also interesting is the choice of KVM and reducing Cloudmin’s supported resources a little to focus on fewer, but the best options and thus being able to maintain better and with less effort, this makes a lot of sense, we have this same focus on Opencart, focus on the core and in essence.

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