Suggestion: How to make Virtualmin Usable in Real World

Virtualmin is a good module but some app not usable. Example, instead using own webmail, Virtualmin should use Round Cube, Squirrelmain, or other general webmail.

This is why CPanel is the widely use in hosting industry!

Virtualmin by default should provide:

  • PHPMyAdmin
  • Webmail: roundcube, squirrel, etc
  • Statistic: awstat, analog, webalizer, etc

And most important: an AJAX base file manager! The java based file manager from Virtualmin is very2 slow! User must install the very big java client.

I see Virtualmin is very stable!

Regards, Wendy

Virtualmin pro has all the above through the script installer
I believe even the ajax file manager as a 3rd party component

Personally I prefer Usermin over squirrel and roundcube


While Virtualmin Pro has a large number of Install Scripts – a handful of those are provided with Virtualmin GPL. So with eiither Virtualmin Pro or GPL, you can perform an install of RoundCube, Squirrelmail, and phpMyAdmin simply by going into Install Scripts, and choosing the Install Script name.

As far as an AJAX filemanager – eXtplorer is included with Virtualmin Pro, I don’t recall if that’s a Virtualmin GPL option or not. But we agree, having an AJAX file manager rather than the current Java app would be a step in the right direction. I’ll look into that :slight_smile: