Suggestion for transfer virtual server: delete the gzip files just after ungziptaring them and not only at the end

**Operating system: Ubuntu **
OS version: 20.04

Hi Virtualmin team,
Here a suggestion for tightly dimmensioned servers:

I noticed when transferring a large virtual server (only virtual server on the server with a very large MySql database) to a right-sized (not a lot of extra-space) new server, using the “transfer virtual server” menu, that the large gzip-tar-ed file that got transferred by scp between the 2 servers in /tmp/transfer-… (not sure about the exact name, but it was in /tmp) was still there until end of installation, and not deleted right after un-gzip-taring it. So while restoring the database I ran out of disk space, and the restore stalled until I deleted those gzip files.

The extra-space used there is quite larger than the space that will be needed for scheduled backups of the site.

Those files could be deleted already right after un-gzip-taring them, allowing to restore large sites without needing a lot more extra-space.

Maybe same applies to restoring any remote backup ? In which case that would make a lot of sense in case of emergency-restore situations…