I’m running on Opensuse 12.1 and I installed LAMP + Bind + webmin + virtualmin.

when i go to virtualmin/Re-check configuration, i get:

Suexec is enabled in the default template, but the Apache module mod_suexec is not installed or not enabled.

Found this problem on forums, but never with someone who is running opensuse, so the commands are different.
Can somebody help me to get this working?



Unfortunately, Suse/OpenSuse isn’t one of the distributions supported by Virtualmin.

You can probably get things up and running performing a manual installation, but if you want smoother sailing, you may want to consider one of the supported distros mentioned here:

In your case – you won’t be able to use Virtualmin with it’s default of enabling suexec… that’s a more secure option, but it’s not available in Suse.

You’d have to disable suexec, by going into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Apache Website, and disable the option to add Suexec to each system.

That, or you’d need to custom compile Apache, with suexec pointed to /home.


Thanks for that!

I disabled the suexec and now it works!

Thanks again :wink: