Suddenly All Sites go down

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.2
Webmin version 2.021
Usermin version 1.861
Virtualmin version 7.7
Theme version 20.21

| Package updates | All installed packages are up to date |
Just now for no obvious (to me) reason all 3 sites on this box ceased to show their web pages, They were all running just normally yesterday. The IP4 and IP6 addresses still point correctly but for some reason the domains only resolve externally (but not in a browser). I have checked the LE certs and they seem current. I have checked access and error logs and both are empty for today with only the usual garbage yesterday (-attempts to find a wordpress site - there is none)
If I go to Services -> Preview Website I get

but can still login with

Connection refused? Is the web server still up?

It must be (I assume) as I can log in to both Virtualmin Port 10000 and Usermin (20000)

I don’t think that’s how this works. Neither depend on your web server to work. You don’t need to install a web server to use them.

Yes, that’s true.
Virtualmin and Usermin are working with the miniserv Server. A own one for the 2 systems.

What’s the output from

sudo systemctl status nginx


I think you’re using by general NGINX.

OK a bit more digging and it came to my notice (I don’t know why I didn’t look here before :anger: - especially as it has been an issue in the past) the NGinx server was down why (No idea) there has not been a reboot recently. But sure enough “Restart” fixed it! - I conclude that some days just are not made for IT, thanks for the help.


I missed this thread earlier, but I had the same thing happen - sites became unavailable 5 days ago (May 31). I couldn’t find anything obvious, mild panic, so I rebooted the server.
This is on a RHEL 9.2 server running Apache, all up to date.

Never quite understood this myself and I cannot point the finger at Virtualmin - I didn’t have to quite go so far as a reboot I am suspicious that a package update might nave been the cause of taking Nginx (in my case) down. However this particular box has been pretty much unattended for about a week. The only thing that has happened is that a site owner has done a package update through yarn (NodeJS package.json) but I didn’t think that had any connection to system packages and I don’t think they have access to installing new system packages. Still would like to get to the bottom of this as it seems very likely to happen again.

Nothing in log file if you can find it when it crashed/stopped?
Is the memory usage ok?

Nothing in /var/log/nginx/error.log or should I be looking elsewhere?
Memory OK and quite a big swapfile

Weird, I don’t use nginx so don’t know. You think you would have something in the error.log unless its not on.
I guess you just have to monitor, hopefully it was just a once off.

Virtual Server template using apache look like this and it shows the log config.

do you have logs in the virtualserver?

only today and these are just normal trashy attempts of little merit nothing prior (perhaps I need to monitor more closely for another Nginx down event = thogh this is just one of many boxes

This happened to my server again about 12 hours ago.

I didn’t check every domain web site, but the main ones were all down though I did find a small one that was still available - possibly cached on my PC?

I checked that httpd was running, then restarted it anyway - to no avail.

I was able to log into for a domain that the website wasn’t working.

I was just seeing a blank screen, though a client/web developer said that he saw something like resource shortage or whatever. He will screen shot for me if it happens again,

Reboot was the only way that I could get it all working again.

Any suggestions what else to look for if there is a next time?

I have setup a monitor system to let me know is a certain website goes down.

That is Apache server (isn’t it?) and as restarting it did not fix - perhaps it is not only Nginx falling over? Everything seems OK for now and hasn’t repeated here despite a few package updated. Clearly something to keep an :eye: on.

Yes, it is Apache.

Please open new topics for new problems. Your problem is entirely unrelated to OPs problem.