subversion plugin problems

I have Virtualmin gpl and the subversion module. When creating a subversion repo through virtualmin it creates the svn.basic.passwd file in the users home directory but doesn’t actually put any authentication information into it. In essence I can look at the svn and checkout the svn (if it is set to anonymous mode) but I can not commit a file because the user information does not exist in the svn.basic.passwd file.

is there a step I am missing here? What version of svn is the svn module configured for? I am currently running 1.4.0. My virtualmin / webmin / and usermin are all up to date.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter,


Howdy Lodlock,

The version of Subversion doesn’t matter to Virtualmin (generally). And it’s definitely not a source of trouble with authentication–authentication is handled by the htpasswd mechanism in Apache, and has no relation to Subversion specifically.

I bet you’re getting tripped up by the multi-select.

In the Mail and FTP Users page, click on a user you’d like to have access to your SVN repositories. Then in the “Other user permissions” section, find the option labeled “SubVersion login enabled?” and set it to “Yes”.

Then select the repositories you want the user to have access to in the “Allow access to repositories” multi-select box. Note that the items must be highlighted for them to be enabled. All of your repositories will always be listed–but they aren’t selected by default. Use Ctrl-click to select more than one repository. (Multi-select lists are bug-like, in that no one ever understands them. I’ve yet to convince Jamie that they need to be excised from Virtualmin…they’re just such an efficient use of space on the form, and Jamie does love to use space efficiently.)

I have tried selecting the repo’s from the list and it still work. Everything about the subversion module works just fine accept for the authentication portion. Which creates the file but doesn’t write to it. It’s still at 0 bytes.


Sounds like a bug.

Make sure you’re using the latest version (3.45) and, if the problem persists, file it in the bug tracker.