Subserver email users, email aliases?

So, i have one site
and a subserver to that

I want to have email adresses for but i cannot find anyway to add users or email aliases to the subserver… how do it do that?

I have the “Mail for domain enabled?” checked on the subserver.

But the links for “edit users” and “edit mail aliases” do not show in the left menu when i select the subserver in the dropdown…

Are you sure you created a sub-server and not an alias? Sub-servers should definitely get the Edit Users command in your case.

Hmm i probably created an alias yes…

How does the that work with emails? Do the subserver not get any emails at all sent then?

Alias domains share their email user accounts with the domain they’re referring to. That’s why you don’t get an “Edit Users” link there. :slight_smile: (With a recent Virtualmin update, you can now define individual email forwardings for aliases, but user accounts are still shared.)

If you need individual user accounts for a subdomain, you need to create it as a sub-server instead of an alias.

Ahh okey sweet. It works just fine if they are shared with the main domain :slight_smile: I will just add all emails to that server then.

Thanks for the help!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: