Subscribing to a thread

I just a get a blank screen after supplying the inode and clicking on the ‘Create Subscription’ button.

Any advice please?

Firefox 3.6.10

Nearly a year later, no reply and still an issue.

Hmm, I’m not sure I follow… what is it that you’re trying to do exactly? Can you walk me through the steps to reproduce it?



Hi Eric,

Say there’s a thread I wish to follow but don’t wish to post a comment in:-

I make note of the thread’s node > click on My Account > Notifications > Add Subscription > Thread > enter the node into the node field and then click on the Add Subscription button which results in a blank screen.

Currently using Firefox 5.0.1,

If scroll all the way to the bottom of a forum thread, below where it asks you to post a comment – do you see a section named “Subscriptions”?

That may be a simpler way of subscribing to a thread.

I’m not sure why the other way isn’t working though, we may still need to look into that :slight_smile:


@Eric: You can only use your suggested way of subscribing to a thread if you actually post a comment along with it – which is probably often not what you want to do.

Hmm, you should be able to change your subscription settings, then click the “Save” button below that.

Are you saying that won’t actually work?

For example, one of the subscription options I see is “This Post”. I was figuring you could click that option, then click “Save” below that.


That’s what I meant, and what I tried. And I got a big error message box, and a redly-bordered input field, thrown right into my face. :slight_smile:

OOPS! There was a problem. “Comment” field is required.