submit "big" forms -- formdata reject?

Dear all,

I have a Joomla component (J1.5) with al lot of forms with ‘big’ data.
This formdata are selectboxes.

On my local MAMP everything works fine.

On the virtualminserver it works when you select a small amount of boxes,
but when select all, it looks like all the POST-data is lost .

No apache errors found in the log.

Any idea’s?

Thanks Bart


Many distributions are including a security component for PHP called Suhosin. It attempts to protect PHP applications from a variety of things, including DoS attacks. There are limits to how many POST variables can be sent.

You may want to try tweaking these variables in your domain’s php.ini file (in $HOME/etc/php.ini)… you can experiment with different numbers: = 500 suhosin.request.max_vars = 500

Thanks Andrey!

This did the job!