subdomains to operate the same as cPanel subdomains...

I seem to have an issue here, how can I make subdomains in Virtualmin operate the same as subdomains in cPanel.

In that they have their own login / databases / etc. all created in one hit.
At the moment anything I create sits under my login which isn’t how I want it to go…


Unfortunately, there’s no way to do that in Virtualmin. A Virtual Server, and all it’s Sub-Servers, are designed to be administered by the same admin user. While you can add additional admin users, they’re able to manage everything within that group.

One thing you can do in that regard is to setup an FTP user who can manage web related files for a specific Virtual Server or Sub-Server. But unfortunately, there’s no way to have an admin user for just one Sub-Server.


Hurm - weird - a few weeks back I wasn’t able to create a Top Level server as a subdomain.

I just tested again so I can screenshot things and show what I would like to do… and just created a subdomain as it’s own TLD setup…

So saying… I’ve just done what I wanted to do in the first place :slight_smile: