Subdomain for webmin/virtualmin instead port 10000

This question been asked a few years back (2011) and It seems back then its was not possible without chaining over to Apache and potentially braking things… Has this changed?

is it possible to achieve something like:


instead of:


I haveconsole.domain.tld in my SSL Cert, just really dislike the look of the 10000 port at then end, when giving to end users.


There are two ways to do that:

Dedicate an IP address to Webmin, and configure Webmin to only listen on that one IP, and prevent Apache from binding to it.

Or, setup proxy rules as documented in several places (the docs you’re talking about are probably the same ones I’m talking about…here (

Skip the first bit about actually running Webmin under Apache; you really never want to do that. It’s a terrible idea (dangerous, broken, and impossible to theme). I’ll likely remove those docs, as it just does not make sense. But, the bit about running Webmin behind an Apache Proxy is fine. It is safe, and as far as I know there are no outstanding bugs with the Authentic Theme and a proxied Webmin.

The thing is an IP:port combo cannot be shared. So, you either have to dedicate an IP:port to Webmin, or you have to let Apache handle all of the connection stuff and pass them on to Webmin behind it.

Are you sure a redirect rule won’t work for you? That’s simpler than either and less error prone.

I know this is old post, but mby will be helpful for somebody else.

In Virtualmin -> Domain/Subdomain -> Server Configuration -> Edit Proxy Website -> Yes /

You can use domain as well.

If you have no such menu, then you need to look up for enabling Apache modules in Webmin -> Servers -> Apache Webserver -> Global configuration -> configure Apache Modules. I think you need some of proxy* modules. Not sure which ones exactly as i have many of them enabled.

As well, if you want to enable Let’s Encrypt to automatically generate/renew SSL certificates for websites, you should enable ssl module there and probably suexec.
But at least… this is the place to enable or disable available modules.

And after you anabled those modules there in Webmin… you probably need to enable features to every domain/sub-domain you want. In Virtualmin -> Domain -> Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled features.

If you wish, you can also edit Server Templates under Virtualmin -> System Settings -> Server Templates. Good idea is to clone default Domain level template and default Sub-Domain level template and edit those and use them when you will create new virtual servers. Purpose of those templates is to be as base for all new domain and subdomain setups. But, dont expect that by changing those templates all running virtual servers will be changed. No. Templates will be applied only to new virtual servers.