Sub-servers path


I need a clarification that I didn’t find in the docs.

If I create a main virtual server for a website, the path for the files will be /home/user/public_html
And if I create sub-servers for this server (“addon domains”), the path for the files of the sub-servers will be /home/user/domains/domain_name/public_html

But if I import a cpanel backup with multiple addon domains, all files will be hosted under /home/user/public_html/domain_name

So basically my server’s file hierarchy will be different depending on whether I installed my sub-servers manually or installed them through a cpanel backup? Am I correct?


Yeah, Virtualmin doesn’t distinguish be domains and sub-domains.

It considers them all “independent websites”.

However, in the case of importing cPanel domains, it does it’s best to keep them working as they originally were, as changing the paths would break a lot of web apps.