sub server with external dns, bind plugin disabled


My dns are in a third part from my provider , i configure them with a web interface, bind plugin is disable in my virtualmin config;

I unable to creat a sub domain to store some js/img etc files. Here is my step , whats wrong ?!

create virtual server-> sub server , in “enabled feature” i unchecked all ( perhaps its the error …) ,
-> create server , no errors appears.

Then in my web interface for managing dns , i add a line for the subdomain like this :
mysubdomain.mydomain. IN A myip

I waited and check , dns propagation seems ok .

I putt an index.php in my subdomain in /domains/mysubdomain.mydomain/public_html/
but i can’t acced it , i’m always redirect to the parent server .
when i’m going to url http://mysubserver.mydomain/
i’m always redirect to http://mydomain/

I don’t see the point because i have no redirection in my dns rules…

help is welcome,

You’re right, what you assumed to be your error, indeed was your error. :slight_smile:

You’d at least want the “Apache Website” feature enabled, otherwise Virtualmin will not configure Apache to serve your new subdomain website. In that case, Apache will, when a request arrives whose hostname it does not know, serve the default site (the alphabetically first, or the one you configured to be the default) instead.

So it does not suffice to only have a domain name pointed to your server, you also need to tell your Apache about that domain and where (in which folder) to find it. That’s what the “APache Website” feature basically does.

Also: “DNS rules” don’t do redirects, the place where you would do redirects (if you wanted any) is in Apache. All DNS does is assign IP addresses to hostnames.

thanx for explanations, it seems to work better with the option indeed :slight_smile:
but php seems no working , my index.php in subserver is outputing in text format in chrome and blank page in firefox :frowning:
php is not interpreted corectly . i am on debian wheezy with mod php activate
, i need to investigate more but it seems a mime type error …to follow…
Anyway , its another pb, subserver works now, thanks