Sub server shows main domain's page

I have been trying to sort this issue for over a week. I would be grateful if any one can help me on this.

I have a dedicated server running Centos 6.10 with Webmin/Virtualmin. I have a few sub servers under a main domain. Every sub server continues to show the main site.
I have edited the httpd.conf to reflect the document root like this:
I hunted down some directive here:
and changed the document root as needed. Still no joy.

Where does the Virtualmin store the document root other than the ones pointed above ?
I moved the sites from a cpanel full backup. I struggled a lot to make the main site work after modifying the apache directives.

What version of Virtualmin are you one? If it’s 6.05 or later you may need to check your VirtualHosts blocks in Apache’s config for the *:80 fields, especially if you’ve created the sub-domains recently.

Thank you for your message. My Virtualmin is 6.07. I have identical directives under *:80 and *:443
Problem is apache directives are added by Virtualmin somewhere else and I can’t find it. The httpd.conf is the place we normally would look for.


apachectl -S; apachectl -M

to list out your entire Apache config and post it up. Sanitise\anonymise it by all means but try and keep it so that someone can read it\follow it please. By that I mean don’t replace all IP’s with and don’t replace all VHOSTS with - use,, etc.