Sub-domains newly created misdirected to current domains

Hi guys,
I have a problem which occured recently.

Everytime I try to create a sub-domain, I don’t know why when I try to access my subdomain, it’s automatically directed to my first website created (alphabetically ordered).

For example, if I have to domains as and when I create, and try to access it, it displays the content of

I tried to check apache config, dns config, but all seems correct.

All my subdomains created before 2 weeks ago are correctly displayed.

Could you help ?

Many thanks.


You may want to see if these troubleshooting steps here help with that:

Thanks a lot for your answer.

I found the problem.

For both domains which were involved, I had <VirtualHost *:80> instead of my IP.

I’m gonna check my config to change it