sub-domain setup help required

I am trying to create a sub-domain for my domain hosted in an Amazon EC2 instance
Here is what i did:

  1. Created a virtual server (not subserver) as :
  2. DNS not handled by virtualmin (disabled BIND) and DNS handled by Amazon Gate53 services
  3. Created a DNS record : “A” record - - my IP number
  4. Updated separate NS records for at my DNS service provider

I am not able to load
What else am i missing/ i need to do.
Please help. Thanks


What happens when you try to browse to

What you described above sounds correct… you’d need a Virtual Server with that name, but with the BIND DNS Domain feature disabled.

And then, since DNS is hosted at a third party service – you’d just need to make sure that the nameservers for point to that third party service.


Hello Eric,

Here is what i get:
(For the subdomain, please clarify whether i need to create an “A” record or CNAME with the dns provider:

  1. CNAME - ip number
  2. A record - - ip number

which of the above is correct ?

browser error messages:

Oops! Google Chrome could not find
Did you mean:

Firefox can’t find the server at

Please help.


It doesn’t matter whether it’s an A record or a CNAME, it just needs to resolve to your server.

The errors you’re receiving sound like DNS issues though… are you sure that has it’s nameservers pointing at your third party provider?

If you’re able to provide the actual name of your domain name, that would aid in troubleshooting… you can always edit out the name from this post after we figure out what’s going on :slight_smile:


Hello Eric,

I created the given below records and problem resolved :slight_smile:
ip number
ip number

Thanks Eric for your support all through :slight_smile: