Sub domain issues... how to actually sey it up?

I have to admit, i am a noob at this, and hopefully someone could correct me or show me what im doing wrong here.

Basically i cant seem to get the subdomains working :frowning:

lets assume the domain name i have registered is, and my vps server ip addresses are &…

First of all, i did a normal virtualmin install on the vps (running CentOS 5)… seems to work all fine.

Secondly, i registered using godaddy. then i simply followed little guide ( and linked and to and…

So im assuming i have set the nameservers up correctly?

then again i went to godaddy domain manager and set the nameservers for to be < and>…

logged back into virtualmin on my vps, and created new “virtual server” for used ftp to connect to and uploaded a test page, and is now visible through the browser. so that all seems to work fine.

Now im assuming since i have defined the nameservers for the aleady, all i need to do to get is to simply create a new virtual server on virtualmin, select the “sub server” option, set the domain name to, leave all the settings at default and let virtualmin do its magic.

well, i did that, but now when i try to use the browser to navigate to it tells me … using on tells me its all good (name servers seem to be fine). but using the same site to check shows that it found the correct name server for but when it asks for it returns “Domain exists but there is no such record”…

what am i doing wrong here? O.o

also, assuming this can be fixed, then how do i connect to ftp? using “” as the ftp address?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Yeah, in theory, it’s all as easy as you suggested :slight_smile: You definitely seem to be on the right track.

Are you certain that for the domain, that the nameservers are set to use and

I know you said you setup nameservers, but you may want to verify that those are the ones in use.

Also, while this should be done automatically, you may want to try restarting BIND on your server, just in case that’s all it is.


yeah, the name servers seem to be correct for if i do a whois on i do get the desired name servers and

i did follow that small guide (linked earlier) to create/register name servers in godaddy.

just logged into godaddy and navigated under my domain ( and it shows:

Host Summary (add)
NS1 delete edit
NS2 delete edit
1 to 2 of 2

and also the name servers:
Nameservers: (Last Update 6/7/2010)

so all seems to be correct i think?

do i need to somehow create the sub domains inside godaddy or somewhere and define the name servers to these sub domains separately as well?

im just really confused now. and is there any other settings i need to change when creating the sub domain virtual server on virtual min besides selecting the sub-server option and leaving everything else to default?

also, just to add, the domain is functional. ftp is functional and website and pages are functional. however i cannot use ( and i have no idea why this is the case either. i have to use (

could this be somehow the cause? is in fact a sub domain as well. the zone file mat not have an A record for it or it needs to propagate still.
You’ll also should check your zone file for to see if it contains all the records.
Then check if you can ping the domain.

where might i find this zone file, and what should it look like?

i think this has been an issue at my isp’s end… i have gotten a friend to ping this and and both websites are fully functional for him…

siigh, stupid isp’s taking the whole 48 hours to update the dns records… :S

it can actually take up to 72 hours to fully propagate a domain on the root servers around the world.
it is the cache recycling that can take time.