Sub-domain calculated has Domain ?

Hi !

Is it normal that the Subdomaine are calculated has domain?

Annual license, support, and software updates subscription for Virtualmin Professional on one server with up to 10 domain accounts.

Here it says Domain when we pay for the licence and not sub-domain.

I have
3 Domain and they all have sub-domaine under them and now i’m block it says i have 12 domaine ^^ and my licence is for 10 :slight_smile:

Logicaly thats not supose to be, so ! is there a problem with my virtualmin ??

Thanks in advance^^


Both “Virtual Servers” and “Sub Servers” are counted towards the license.

Sub-Servers are full standalone accounts/sites, and can take advantage of all of Virtualmin’s features.

A “Alias Server” does not count against your license, since it’s really only one website you have.

But if you setup a Virtual Server and a Sub-Server, that’s two websites, and counts as two licenses :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answer it makes sens ^^