Stupid question... about logs, I think

Noob question, so I’m writing it here:
Is there any way to find out what pages/files of my site are the most visited? My bandwidth increased a lot lately and I’d like to find out what’s causing this. Also my sites are often slow because the server doesn’t have enough resources.
I’ve tried to use the awstat and webalizer from within webmin, but they consume too much server resources.
So, is there other was to check this, maybe there’re logs somewhere I don’t know about!

(Deleted… Was suggesting “Webalizer”, but saw too late that you had already ruled that out.)

Yes, tried already… Thank anyway.


Well, you may be able to use Virtualmin’s bandwidth monitoring to limit things down to what Virtual Server is consuming the most bandwidth. You can view that in System Settings -> Bandwidth Monitoring -> Show Usage Graph.

From there, either you’d need to manually review the Apache access logs ($HOME/logs/access_log) to see what’s being accessed frequently, or you could wait until late at night, and have Webalizer run for just the one domain.