Stuck in Virtualmin version 6.15

Operating system: Ubuntu Linux
OS version: 16.04.7
Webmin version 1.979
Usermin version 1.823
Authentic theme version 19.81

Virtualmin version 6.15

Hi there,
In my system information I see my Virtualmin version 6.15 in red and on mouse over it says “This version is outdated”.
I noticed on your website that version 6.16 has been around since march 2021 but it never showed up in my packages updates and even trying apt-get update then upgrade doesn’t bring it!
Is there any particular reason for that?

Have you disabled or removed the Virtualmin universal repository? That’s where it comes from.

As you can see, I have those 2 repos that I never touched since installation.
All previous versions, up to version 6.15, showed in updates normally.

You’re using the old repos (which should be up to date for our packages, but apparently something is broken there), but that is the least of your worries. Your OS has been EOL for months. If you’re concerned about running old software you need to fix that.

The current /vm/6 Virtualmin repos have 6.16, if you want to switch. But, really running a slightly older version of Virtualmin shouldn’t be your concern right now.

The simplest way to switch repos is to delete the old ones, and then run the current version of the Virtualmin install script with the -s or --setup flag. (Don’t run it in any other mode! Only the setup mode is safe.)


/bin/sh --setup

It will setup the repos and exit (it’ll also do some checks, but as long as your system is reasonable already it shouldn’t try to do anything).

But, also make a plan to backup your system and upgrade your OS. I would suggest you do that even before you spend any time on Virtualmin updates.

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Great! Thanks for your comprehensive answer.
Indeed being one version behind is not that critical for now and I might just update the repos as per your suggestion but I’m not ready to upgrade my OS yet as it requires a certain logistics to make sure all my existing apps will behave correctly in the new system. I’m more concerned about stability even though the upgrade is inevitable in the near future. I actually did it before by migrating my whole system from my old machine under Ubuntu 10 to another machine under Ubuntu 16 by mainly relying on the Virtualmin migration feature which worked quite well except for some manual adjustments and other minor things that took me a couple of days but again it wasn’t an upgrade in the same machine, which means I had the choice to roll-back in case of a major problem requiring a longer downtime.

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