Struggling with User interface

Hi, not sure what has happened but for some reason the interface for my server admin account xxxxx has changed from being able to see webmin and virtualmin to. only seeing Virtualmin and Dashboard.

This happened (perhaps coincidentally) after granting the user system wide access. My expectation was for the user to be able to see what my own account sees which is everything. At the moment I have to flip between the two accounts to make major changes (like deleting a server) and installing a new server through the correct account.

Have I flick a switch accidentally somewhere?


OK, I located the switch in the User Limits that enables the Webmin interface. I must have switched it accidentally. xxxxx can now see webmin and virttualmin interfaces BUT it still cannot see Disable and Delete which i specifically wanted so this user can delete virtual servers while testing the system.

Could anyone help with that please? I have ticked all the right boxes as far as I can see.



You need to check Administration Options/Edit Owner Limits page.

Hi Ilia, thanks for the response.

Been there, done that. In fact, in desperation I selected all boxes then saved but it does not appear to make any difference. When I log back into xxxxx, the other items are there but delete server is not showing. Is my Virtualmin broken and can I do a reinstall without losing the changes I have made? Or do I have to struggle on to find out why it is not working?


Don’t reinstall. Your options down that road are either “lose all the stuff you’ve done” or “keep all the stuff you’ve done, including the bits you’re trying to fix”. Reinstalling should generally never be your plan, unless you have good backups of the state you want to be in.

Do I understand you correctly that your root user no longer has access to Webmin? It sounds like you turned the root user into a domain owner user. That’s not supposed to be possible, and every path I know of to get there would give an error…but, I guess you found one. :wink:

Since you don’t have access to Webmin with the root account, you’ll need to edit the /etc/webmin/webmin.acl file, and change the root line to:

root: acl adsl-client ajaxterm apache at backup-config bacula-backup bandwidth bind8 burner cfengine change-user cluster-copy cluster-cron cluster-passwd cluster-shell cluster-software cluster-useradmin cluster-usermin cluster-webmin cpan cron custom dfsadmin dhcpd dnsadmin dovecot exim exports fail2ban fdisk fetchmail file filter firewall frox fsdump grub heartbeat htaccess-htpasswd idmapd inetd init inittab ipfilter ipfw ipsec iscsi-client iscsi-server iscsi-target jabber krb5 ldap-client ldap-server ldap-useradmin lilo logrotate lpadmin lvm mailboxes mailcap majordomo man mon mount mysql net nis openslp package-updates pam pap passwd phpini postfix postgresql ppp-client pptp-client pptp-server proc procmail proftpd pserver qmailadmin quota raid samba sarg sendmail sentry servers shell shorewall shorewall6 smart-status smf software spam squid sshd status stunnel syslog-ng syslog system-status tcpwrappers telnet time tunnel updown useradmin usermin vgetty webalizer webmin webmincron webminlog wuftpd xinetd virtual-server virtualmin-mailman virtualmin-sqlite virtualmin-svn virtualmin-awstats virtualmin-dav virtualmin-init virtualmin-registrar ruby-gems security-updates php-pear virtualmin-htpasswd virtualmin-git iscsi-tgtd authentic-theme firewalld filemin firewall6 virtualmin-password-recovery virtualmin-notes virtualmin-support

Then restart Webmin. That’ll probably get you back into everything. But, if not, there might be some per-module ACLs that have been restricted…but, you might be able to straighten them out just by browsing to Webmin->Webmin->Webmin Users->root->Whatever modules are broken

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Hi Joe,

No it is not a problem with the root user (which I generally do not use except over ssh).

I have three unix users (plus some webmin users for mail and ftp). The unix users are root, which as I say I try not to use, me (abc) and the server admin (xxxxx).

It is the server admin that I am having problems setting up to be able to delete virtual servers. I have gone through and ticked the right boxes but it just is not displaying for the user xxxxx. User abc has the same settings but can see the delete option.

On that basis, can you offer any ideas?


I finally decided to reinstall everything and am slowly working through it. I will post questions in new topics if required.

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