Strange layout in "Show latest posts"

"Show latest posts" functionality in forum looks weird. I have attached a picture how it looks on my Firefox. The table column widths are all wrong.

This forum has a quite a few bugs. The picture that I tried to attach was over 50 kB and not allowed. Well then the forum went into a loop and after trying a few times it sent the post without this picture. Strange.

Also preview doesn’t work in my Firefox. White text on white background.

There was also a width limit 499 pixels so I cannot post the picture.

Hey Matti,

I see what you’re seeing. I think I can fix it without much trouble. I’ve added it to my todo list.

I’ll also look into the image attachment issue. We’d like for that to work, since it allows folks to send screenshots of what they’re seeing–makes debugging really easy sometimes.

Thanks for the heads up.

OK, short-term fix for the layout issue is in place. It’s still a little cramped feeling, so I’ll keep poking at it a bit.