Strange issue with root mysql password

Sometimes I notice if I change the root password via Digital Ocean the password doesn’t get updated with mysql.

I’m in a weird situation right now and could use some help. Virtualmin is displaying no databases in the Webmin>Servers>MySQL area:

But, I know this server has other databases, users, etc and they’re running because those sites aren’t down.

The other weird thing is the settings don’t match my my.cnf file values:

I’m able to get into mysql without a password for root. Luckily the server isn’t open to the internet.

When I try SET PASSWORD FOR ‘root’@‘localhost’ = PASSWORD(‘my_password’) I get this error:
ERROR 1133 (42000): Can’t find any matching row in the user table

I really don’t know how to fix the issue here and would love any help you can give.

The MySQL root has nothing to do with the root password in your Linux server. So of course it will not get updated when you change it via Digital Ocean. MySQL has a different root password.

The module needs to be able to connect to your MySQL server, with the root logins in order to see and manage the databases. This is why you are not seeing them in your web control panel. If the module can’t connect, you can’t manage MySQL from Virtualmin. So there is your problem. Make sure to connect the module by using the root logins to your MySQL and it will see the databases, config, etc.