strange Ftp issue

So I have put 5 domains on my new server and all is well

However I added a 6th domain and no matter what i do I cannot
get the ftp for it to work. All the others are fine.

and what is unusual it filezilla errors out with an authentication error
but There are no signs on the server that it even attempted to connect…

Any ideas?


Well, it’s possible you’re seeing a DNS issue of some sort, that somehow you’re getting directed to the wrong server.

In FileZilla, if you configure it to access your server by it’s IP address (and not the new domain name) – are you then able to login as your new user?


You could also check your firewall rules. Just opening port 21 wouldn’t work (searcha also for passive and active ftp and firewall)

Turns out it was an issue with resolution from the registrar.