Strange error message when accessing the forum

Hi all!

I’m stumbing upon a strang error when trying to enter the forum from my home PC: I just go to, click on Forums and receive: Access denied Payload (the sso parameter in url query) is not set. Signature (the sig parameter in url query) is not set.

By the way, the main menu displays “Logout”, so I understand I’m logged in, refresh the page and eventually enter the forum… :thinking:

Config: Win 10, all updates applied, Firefox latest stable version
Note: same exact config works at my office!

Thanks in advance for any clue!


Thank you for your feedback. I will let @Joe know, and he will try to reproduce.

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It’s a known issue, but I haven’t been able to fix it (despite trying several times to figure it out). Something is broken in the Drupal Discourse SSO plugin.

Just click through the home page again after logging in and click the Forums link again. It only happens when being redirected to forums after logging in.

Thanks @Joe, I’ve managed to reach the forum, forcing a page refresh generally clears the issue. Funny is that I’ve alos got the message “SSO error: you’re not allowed to access [xxx]”… which was displayed on the forum page! :wink: Seems the SSO plugin was entering the Twilight Zone…

drupal was always twitchi… even working with that drupal it self is kindly sadomasochismus :wink: