Strange entry in email que

hey guys,
looking at my mail que in postfix and i see two entries i am concerned about.
is there something i need to tighten up to prevent these from even appearing here? (i know nothing about either and certainly dont host them on my server)

open the message and check mail headers… you’ll find who user is sending those/more details about them… could be some hosted website that allows sending…
post them here, if you don’t spot anything strange…

hopefully smtp isn’t an open mail relay, and limited to “your_networks” only…

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Looks spammy. You’ve probably got an app that’s allowing users to send mail or you’ve changed config to allow relaying. You’ll need to looking in the maillog to trace those messages to see where they came from. You can search for those mail IDs to find the general vicinity in the log where the conversation between sender and Postfix happened (but look at the entries before and after it, too, the ID is only there for part of the process).

just for curiosity, how do I ensure smtp isn’t an open relay in virtual min?
How do I change settings in virtualmin to ensure it isn’t?

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