SSL TLS Problem

Operating system:Centos
OS version:7x
Hello there,
4 days ago I updated “yum update -y”. Then I started having problems.

There is no problem in sight. I’m using Let’s Encrypt. I can renew the SSL certificate without any problems.

I checked the SSL certificate through a site. However, there seems to be no problem. (SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs))

My problem is this:
Unable to retrieve data from my server using curl from another server. CURL returns null. I was using a Telegram bot. The system triggered by webhook has not been working for several days. When I check it it shows the following error.

“ok”: true,
“result”: {
“url”: “https://…/application/bolgabot.php?key=tgwh6sd9f14e1”,
“has_custom_certificate”: false,
“pending_update_count”: 14,
“last_error_date”: 1611072242,
“last_error_message”: “SSL error {error:1416F086:SSL routines:tls_process_server_certificate:certificate verify failed}”,
“max_connections”: 40,
“ip_address”: “”

Can you help me. Thanks in advance.


I don’t know the reason for the issue or what the best way to resolve it is but if you can control the curl command you can disable certificate verification. If you’re using curl on the command line add -k or if it’s PHP try:

curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, false);


no no no,
I know this too and applied it. But telegram doesn’t do this for me. There is a problem and I need to fix it.

Then I honestly don’t think this is the right place to ask. I don’t think this is a Virtualmin issue so assuming you’ve already tried searching the error on the web and have not found a solution, you’re probably better off posting on somewhere like Stack Overflow.

Thank you.
I have to admit that I haven’t been able to write a message in stackoverflow so far. I do not know english. I use google translation. It keeps giving me the error that I made some information errors. And it doesn’t record my question.

I followed many suggestions on the web, but there was no solution.

What is strange is that this issue occurs after updating

Stack Overflow can be quite intimidating. Personally I usually use the Sitepoint forums which are quite active so you may have more luck there.

Here is the solution

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