SSL sites and virtual network interfaces... how to?

yesterday I spent almost all day by searching how to properly setup more SSL sites on more IPs but nothing works. I have read several posts here but nothing solved my problem :frowning: .

I am now working with test server with IP I have created new virtual server test.tld with Network interface for example and External IP address (I expect external IP should be IP of the main server because only this server will be visible from public network). I expect too that if I write test.tld (which points now to main server) the server will solve it to website on But it point to site on When I write to address bar I get correct site but in this case I don’t know how it’s possible to access these SSL sites from public network. It’s needed for them public IPs?

I have tried to to put some shared IP adresses in Virtualmin’s Addresses and Networking/Shared IP Addresses and select them when creating this server. I have also tried to create virtual network interface first in Webmin’s Networking/Network Configuration/Network Interfaces and then assign it’s IP to new virtual server but with the same result as in the first case. I can access the site with only it’s IP and not through main server.

Maybe it’s correct behaviour and I just don’t know how it works. Then I would like to ask how it’s possible to route from main server to my private address when I type test.tld?

Thanks for any help.

So… after about another 2 hours of reading I have found out that it’s probably not possible to route from one public IP to several SSL sites. It seems like it’s needed to have for each SSL site different public IP address.

Yeah, you need one IP address per SSL certificate.

One way to handle that is to use a UCC certificate, which allows you to have multiple domains associated with one SSL certificate.

Or, you could get a second external IP address from your ISP, and use that for the SSL cert on your server.