SSL Passthrough for Wordpress/Prestashop

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Virtualmin version 6.17-3

Hey guys,

I’m working to setup a fully Managed Virtualmin Infra and i got into a problem i can’t solve so far, below is an image of the proposed infra:


FW is a Firewall, as per the “diagram” Virtualmin-1 will work as Reverse Proxy only, the other Servers will be hosting Wordpress and Prestashop sites or .Net Apps among others, the thing is that Prestashop and Wordpress don’t seem to work ok with the SSL Passthrough option on Apache (all is apache here, no Nginx or HAproxy).

Below is the config on Virtualmin-1 for a Prestashop installed on Virtualmin-2:


and in the VirtualMin-2 Server:

Now the issue is that the site is not being redirected, it goes to the default-site on virtualMin-1, but if i disable SSL on VirtualMin-2 it redirects ok, only that without the SSL.

Tried to set the SSL on Virtualmin-1 but that doesn’t like to work with Wordpress and Prestashop, it will with a .net app for example but not with Wordpress or Prestashop, images start to break and stuff.

What i can understand is that the Passthrough is missing something, but since Apache is not my thing i can’t grasp what it is… any ideas of what the problem is?

where’s the ssl termination? virtualmin-1? what’s the other ssl cert in v-2? is it a self-issued cert there?
if v-2 is internal anyway, why use ssl between those 2?

it would be helpful if you could provide apache vhost configs and site_url for wordpress and presta… (without the private data…).

avd a very long shot, check .well-known redirect in all apache vhost configs…

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