SSL For Virtualmin Panel - Set as Default Services Certificate

I know its been answered before but it is not solving my issue:

So i setup Ubuntu server 22.04. Set the FQDN/Hostname to:

My DNS records are in Cloudflare for

And I can access the Virtualmin panel at:

I’ve gone through the setup, and when asked for the name server to help do resolution, I use:

Now…when it comes to setting up the default server, i added another DNS entry for…so it becomes the default page when you navigate to the IP. This is also successful and accessible.

Its when I want to set up the Virtualmin Panel ( to get it’s own SSL cert.The link at the start of this post indicates to select the a server and go to manage SSL certificate. So i go to the virtual server, it already has it’s Lets Encrypt cert, so I click on Set as Default Services Certificate, and that applies fine, but again, never gets the cert even after clearing cache and even accessing from another system never gets the cert

Ideally, this should be

Note: I prefer to use tld instead of dotcom

The SSL certificate for will never work on a different domain, e.g.

I suggest you create a virtual server for the domain (which is also the hostname, I know), apply for a SSL certificate for this virtual server and then Set as Default Services Certificate. Oh, and disable the check box for mail for this virtual server.

Your users will then be able to use the hostname for incoming server and outgoing server for mail and use and over encrypted connections. Your IP address will continue to show

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Thanks. I probably wont change the name server, but might be a good suggestion to add this to your documentation, since its a little vague.

I would love to see an updated video series from you guys on setting this all up. I know i am asking alot of questions. But this has been a fun experience learning this all.

May i ask why this? It would require a DNS entry in my providers portal correct?

It’s arbitrary, but I personally do like to indicate what it is. I just use ns1, ns2, etc.

There is no “ideal”, just whatever you like.

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Which documentation did you think should be updated?

Honestly just the installer wizard maybe. Like possibly giving examples of names to use? Not sure. I have seen a few videos out there from the Virtualmin team but they seem to be out dated. I would LOVE to see a full run thorugh on a server setup with various script installers or SSL setups and such.

I just looked at the videos I made a few years ago, before suggesting them to someone else, and they are still fine. Nothing major has changed…at least not in any of the subjects they cover. Some things got simpler, some defaults changed, but if you watch the introductory videos on our YouTube channel, you’ll get accurate and working information about Virtualmin.

Even the oldest one (Virtualmin Introduction, which includes installing WordPress), though it leaves much to be desired in terms of quality, it is not wrong.

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