SSL doesn't work

Hi everyone. I’m pretty new dealing with servers and SSL configs. This is my first VPS server.
I got this SSL certificate on Virtualmin. I chose the option with wildcard, cause I had the idea to with subdomains.
It created the files and the certificate, but the SSL doesn’t work even on the main domain. I don’t know where the mistake is.
If someone can help me I appreciate that.
Apache version 2.4.6
CentOS 7
Host Contabo
Webmin 1.942 + Virtualmin

Welcome to the community. I tried to visit the website but could not connect, so am unable to diagnose.

I suggest you forgo the wildcard option and apply to Lets Encrypt for a standard certificate. Let us know how that goes.

yes definately use the “KISS” principle for starting out. Only go for a standard certificate for and (these should be the default already preselected in virtualmin)

Dont forget to ensure that you have the following dns records A Record <server public/external Ipaddress> CNAME Record <>

As long as you have the above dns records, and they are resolving it should work.

You can check if your dns is resolving by using the free online checker! (it has quite a few alternative testing tools ie mx, spf, reverse ptr, dkim, _dmarc, dns…etc etc). I use it extensively.

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