SSL certs in Dovecot/Postfix for multi-domain setup

OS type and version: CentOS 7
Webmin version: 1.981
Virtualmin version: 6.17
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

I have the same issue as Virtualmin - Let's Encrypt SSL - Postfix - Dovecot - Multiple Domain Setup
I host a few domains on a single IPv4 address on server
I have configured domain email clients with server name, but would prefer to be able to use, etc.
I especially want to enable the email autoconfigure option but when I do this configures the mail server with the virtual servers domain, for example and the mail cleitn fails because the certificate does not match.

When I started out, several releases ago, I set dovecot and postfix SSL certificate location to /etc/webmin/ linking to the webmin admin certificate, because with the default dovecot and postfix location the certificates were not renewed.

If I put back dovecot and postfix certificate locations, will it work?
I’ve read Joe’s comments that Docecot and Postfix are not able to select a certificate based on domain name, but maybe this is outdated.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

I had the same issue and as I was migrating from cPanel, I was astounded that (a) Centos 7 / Postfix doesn’t support SNI and (b) that the Virtualmin install guide did not have massive warnings about it and what to do to surmount the problem.

Fortunately Ilia posted how to upgrade Postfix for Centos 7 & 8 and I can confirm that his solution works perfectly. In my case I was just starting to migrate and I dumped Centos 7 and moved my production to AlmaLinux using the git script. No more SNI woes. Ilia’s ‘howto’ is at this link:

Thank you, that’s very helpful. I missed Ilia’s post in my search.
It seems the most elegant solution and your good experience gives me hope that I can do the same.

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