SSL Certs dropping constantly from Dovecot and Postfix - is it just me?

Guys, has anyone experienced SSL Certs dropping constantly from Dovecot and Postfix?.. It’s really annoying that it keeps dropping and causing email no to work… Or is it just my luck?. TY

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Have you setup an valid certificate for dovecot and postfix?

Yes. all my domains and subs have them.

O.K. I think I pinpointed it. Here’s what I got when trying to issue a new Certificate.

Validating configuration for
… errors were found, which will prevent Let’s Encrypt from issuing a certificate :
Apache website : An IPv6 DNS record with address ::1 exists, but this virtual server does not have IPv6 enabled

Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?. TY

Please check if your server has an ipv6 adress

ip a

It has. But it still shows the error.

Maybe no ipv6 at the Apache2 config file?

[ipv4:443 ipv6:443]

Maybe check the ipv6 adress at

There is no reason to update records manually, as Change IP address page, under given domain is specifically meant for updating your virtual server’s IP records across different services.

I was trying to update to see if this annoying thing would stop dropping the Certificate and making e-mails stop. :rofl:

The records on DNS (yours and registrar) and your webserver should match, because Let’s Encrypt will try IPv6 by default, if addresses are present on the name servers/glue records.

There is a service to test your domain IPv6 setup.

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