Ssl certificate for subdomains?

while migrating a domain with subdomains the (custom-, not-letsencrypt-) certificate got transferred and assigned to the root domain but not to the subdomains.

is there a way to switch the subdomains to the ssl certicate of the parent domain?

Each subdomain should have its own .crt and .key in the /home/user/domains/subdomain folder, is it there? If so in virtualmin subdomain, server config, ssl certificate, update certificate and key to the right cert/key combo in the subdomains folder (file on server option).

/home/user/domains/ for example

Hope it helps,

That’s not really the point. As you can switch subdomains to self-signed and letsencrypt certificates by simply creating them, is there a defined way to switch subdomains back to the parent domain’s certificate? (please let the developers answer).

(btw, reply by mail is still not working although the email says you can. I just waited half a day for a response just to realise, that my answer wasn’t posted :frowning: )

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