SSL Certificate Copy to Dovecot Not Working

I have generated a certificate for my site but when I try to copy to Dovecot it tells me it is copying to /etc/dovecot/private but it does not. The file dates reflect an earlier version in April and not the latest in August. The “Copy to Dovecot” button persists on my SSL Current Certificate page and no mater what I do it will not update and clear.

However, when a new certificate is issued (e.g, for a new subdomain added to the certificate) it tells me it is copying and updating to dovecot and the /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf and /etc/dovecot/ files are updated (but not the files in the /private directory).

If I change the /etc/dovecot/private directory to a new name the update says it cannot find the dovecot.pem file so it appears to be trying to write to it. This is just a link to another file in the ssl directory and that does seem to be updating but my mail client cannot connect because of ssl issues so I do not believe it is updating dovecot properly.

How do I check if dovecot is working properly or how do I resolve this issue. (Does anyone else have a similar issue?)

Just for info, I have a second server with a different supplier that runs virtualmin and it works fine so not sure why this one does not.



What OS and distro is it where it’s failing? How exactly Virtualmin was installed? What Webmin and Virtualmin versions are installed currently on the server that is failing?

Wasn’t that an issue with an older version which was fixed already?

Like @Ilia said, please do a list of the installed versions.

Sorry for the delay, I have been really busy.

OK so versions as follows:

Operating system. Debian Linux 10
Webmin version. 1.942
Usermin version. 1.791
Virtualmin version. 6.09
Authentic theme version. 19.50-RC1

I installed webmin from scratch using the install script from virtualmin. (Identical to the server that is working).

A bit more info. When I renamed the /etc/dovecot/private file and ran the ssl for dovecot it reports it cannot find the file but I think it was the missing directory that was the issue. I opened a new empty /etc/dovecot/private folder and ran the ssl dovecot again and it did write the files into /etc/dovecot/private but the button is still visible as before.

Despite writing the files, dovecot is still not responding to an IMAPS call over 993. I have checked and port 993 is open in linux firewall.

Should I send any logs?


You should update all four components first.

OK this is what they are now.
The problem has cleared.
Thanks Carson.

Operating system. Debian Linux 10
Webmin version. 1.955
Usermin version. 1.803
Virtualmin version. 6.12
Authentic theme version. 19.55

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